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Third Psychology & Transcript Therapy

What is Transcript Therapy?

Answer: It is a simple method of writing down questions and answers in a therapeutic setting. The therapist writes the question and the client writes the answer. The client’s answer determines the therapist’s next written question.

In what way is the different to conventional therapeutic practices?

Answer: It is not really different….it is an alternative method to bring awareness to mechanical or repetitive behaviour. It is particularly useful in arriving at aspects of frozenness within the client. It is also very helpful in teaching a client how to become a witness or watcher of one’s self. This has commonly been referred to as Mindfulness.

So why is there a need to write down these questions and answers?

Answer: There is no need and everyone has to find their own approach…..one that suits them. From my own experience over the last forty years, I have found that when using Transcript Therapy I have been able to reach areas of stuckness within clients far more quickly.

How did this method of Transcript Therapy begin?

Answer: It began by accident many years ago when I had a client who was unable to speak. In view of his difficulty I came up with the idea of writing down a question concerning his problem on an A4 Pad. I then handed the Pad and a pen to him, he was able to read the question and write the answer to the question. The remainder of the session continued in this manner.

What is the Third Psychology?

The Third Psychology is that which explores the methods involved in moving from mind to no-mind. To assist in this process a series of exercises have been devised which can be applied individually or in groups.

The exercises are used in a repetitive way to drive them deep into the unconscious. As we learn by repetition….we can also unlearn by repetition….that is we learn to de-automatise ourselves.

Indivar Offers

1. Individual and group therapy sessions

2. Individual and group Transcript Therapy sessions

3. Individual and group sessions in the Third Psychology…that is, the psychology for going beyond the mind.

4. Monthly Meditation-In-Action groups.